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Generally, organizations witness change-resistance, because it is not easy for employees to change their workflow, procedural system and adopt new software. There comes in the need to train them.

It is said experts are the best trainers and if you are searching for Odoo experts, you can rightfully choose us. Our team is certified and highly experienced in diverse training fields.

We aspire to give you optimum understanding of the basic structure of standard ERP framework in administrative, functional and technical operations. Our training experts are dedicated to associated business partners and clients who want to gain specialized knowledge and better operational techniques of ERP. 

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Functional Training

Employees from non-technical background assume new softwares to be complex; hence our specifically designed functional training covers the basic working and background of the Odoo software and entire ERP system. 

This training solves their everyday doubts related to various modules like Accounting, HR, Manufacturing, Stock, Inventory, Project Management, Purchase and Administration and makes them simply love the simple Odoo software.

Technical Training

In our technical training, we train and guide your developers or tech-team with latest techno-solutions and advanced features of Odoo and ERP structure. 

We give you hands on training in Odoo server, development and customization of modules, variations of ERP structure, system design and deployment,  report designing and nevertheless we also reveal the hidden benefits of Odoo Software.

Administration Training

Handling database and managing software is another concern which we deal with in administrative training. Employees take adequate administrative care after undergoing our training.

End User Training

Training to end-user/ client is most fundamental in any technology because client makes it worth by adopting modern tech in his business. Hence, our mainstay is on end user training and making our clients leader.