Why ERP Solution ???   


Odoo is one of the most lucrative options for different organization across the world. Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP has proven grounds of success for the past decade or so. The current generation business is being flooded with data and requires a huge amount of manpower to handle all the activities. With tons of data flowing in every second, it's a tough proposition for the business to keep everything on their tip and hence comes the need for an ERP solution.

The ERP solution can the way business works and completely eradicate unnecessary monotonous activities of the business by creating an ecosystem that integrates different level of processes into one system, providing synergy and elevating both productivity and returns from the business model.

So, what makes Odoo successful? What are the chances that you are choosing the right ERP solution for your business? The answer lies in the base system of the platform, which is the core of all the services provided by the Odoo platform. The pyramid base system offers tons of features that only benefits the businesses for bringing all the processes into the synergy-mode and creating an ecosystem for maximum control and productivity 

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 Fully Web Based

Portability is important for any business to survive and thrive in the competitive market. With full web-based interface, your business never stops. It can be accessed from any machine with the minimum requirement is connectivity and a browser capable of rendering Odoo. Odoo utilizes cloud-based services to maintain real-time access to services and processes that directly or indirectly associated with the business.

The Web-based interface is created using the latest Web technologies, Python, JavaScript, and HTML5. The technologies provide both performance and portability to the Odoo services.

 Fully Open Source

Open Source runs in the veins of Odoo system. With Open Source capabilities, all the features can be customized according to your requirements. The customizability offers business the  necessary flexibility to survive in the competitive market. 

With more and more Open Source developers taking part in the Odoo platform -- the future of Odoo looks bright. The Open Source tag also attracts tons of custom developers to create plugins and modules that help the businesses to implement any functionality they can think of.

 Mutli User and Group Support

Working with a dynamic team? Odoo system supports both mutli-user and Group Support. Multi-user access enables collaboration in a big organization and can be used by team members to control different aspects of the business from a central control panel.

The Odoo System also has group support, which can be used to create group activities, projects and more.

 Granular Access Control

Access Contol is important for business. It allows the organization to take control of each resource, information that is directly or indirectly connected with the Organization. This means that sensitive information remains safe and only personnel that are authorized to have access to the information -- can get through the security wall and work with it.

 Distributed System Architecture

Odoo is all about utilizing the latest technologies and computational concepts to bring the best in the business out there. With Distributed System Architecture, business can easily store, upload, change information from anywhere. DSA also helps to create an ecosystem, where each information is backed up and restored in case of data loss.

 Integrated Apps

Odoo Systems support integrating apps that are beyond its ecosystem. The popular apps that you can integrate are Google Drive, Gmail, and other 3rd Party Apps. The integration apps can help the business to work with different services and further enhance its functionality and productivity.

 Web Service Enabled

With Web Service enabled, Odoo can make network communication between different vendors and its own processes. With this service enabled, developers can make different component within the business work together.

Odoo Vs Competitors

Based on 4,319 users’ feedback, Odoo was rated exceptionally well amongst competitors. Don’t believe it? Here are the stats:
FeaturesOdooOpen BravoMicrosoft Dynamics NAVSAP R/3Microsoft Dynamics NAV 09
Accounting & Financial Managementimgimgimgimgimg
Document Management Systemimgimgimgimgimg
Analytic Accountingimgimgimgimgimg
Payroll Managementimgimgimgimgimg
Customer & Supplier Portalimgimgimgimgimg
Sales Managementimgimgimgimgimg
Warehouse Managementimgimgimgimgimg
Project Managementimgimgimgimgimg
Purchase Managementimgimgimgimgimg
Manufacturing Managementimgimgimgimgimg
Human Resourcesimgimgimgimgimg
CRM & SRMimgimgimgimgimg
Direct Marketingimgimgimgimgimg
Technical Workflow Editorimgimgimgimgimg
Open Source Licensesimgimgimgimgimg
Free License Costsimgimgimgimgimg
On Demand Offerimgimgimgimgimg
Cost Of Customizationsimgimgimgimgimg
Cost Of Data Importationimgimgimgimgimg
Migration System & Offersimgimgimgimgimg
Maintenance Costsimgimgimgimgimg
  • Rating Key:
  • img0 - 50%
  • img51 - 70%
  • img71 - 90%
  • img91 - 100%

Source: OpenERP Business Applications http://evaluation-matrix.com/comparison

The world's leading Open Source ERP & business apps.

Odoo is the fastest evolving business software in the world. Odoo has now a complete suite of business applications covering all business needs, from Website/Ecommerce down to manufacturing, inventory and accounting, all seamlessly integrated. It is the first time ever a software editor managed to reach such a functional coverage.



Integrate book keeping with all your operations to avoid double entry.

Warehouse Management

A revolutionary double-entry inventory management system.

Point of Sale

Touchscreen point of sales based
on Ipad and android tablets.


Oversee your employees directory Retain significant informations about your team.


Streamline Your Recruitment Process Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles.


Have an overview of your employees expenses. Access an accurate tracking tool.

Business Intelligence

Design your dashboard, setup KPIS, slice and dice on your cubes


Connect Odoo to external application through JSON-RPC or XML-RPC.

Purchase Management

A revolutionary double-entry inventory management system.


Fleet management at its top Take care of all actions regarding your fleet